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Hello Everyone,

I’m Erica, Maxwell’s mom who is also known as Max.  Welcome to Super Mighty Max dot com, where we will focus on sharing stories of special needs kids who are super, mighty, and blessed and sharing our story of our journey with Max.  We are launching this site on Max’s 1st Birthday, August 19th to write and share our experiences with a special needs child.

What is special needs?  Isn’t every kid special?

From Kids Health dot org

This means any kid who might need extra help because of a medical, emotional, or learning problem. These kids have special needs because they might need medicine, therapy, or extra help in school — stuff other kids don’t typically need or only need once in a while.

Maybe you know of kids in your school who need a wheelchair or use braces when they walk. Those kids have special needs. They not only need the equipment that helps them get around, but they might need to have ramps or elevators available. They also might need to get a special bus to school — one that lifts them up into the bus so they don’t have to get up the steps.

Kids who have an illness, such as epilepsydiabetes, or cerebral palsy, would have special needs, too. They might need medicine or other help as they go about their daily activities. Kids with sightproblems might need Braille books to read. Kids with hearing or speech problems would have special needs, too. A kid who has hearing trouble might need hearing aids to hear and speech therapy, too, since it can be hard to say words correctly when you can’t hear very well.

Kids with learning problems often have special needs. Kids with Down syndrome might go to a regular school and might even be in your class. But they have special needs when it comes to learning, so an aide (someone to help) might come with them to class.

You might be able to spot a few kids with special needs, but you probably don’t notice all of them. A kid could have a problem that isn’t noticeable unless you know the person well. For instance, someone could have trouble with anxiety (worry), but you wouldn’t know it unless the kid told you about it. Privately, their parents, teachers, and counselors may be working to help them with this problem.

So, there you have it you know what special needs mean and we all know how special these kids are to this world.

Please join my husband Brandon and I as we write about our experiences and encourage other parents on this life journey of caring for their super, mighty, and blessed children.

Keep the Faith!


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  1. This is awesome! I am so proud of you! Happy Birthday to that sweet handsome man of yours!


  2. Erica, I’m so glad to see you blogging again!! 🙂 Max is surely a blessing and a lively proof that God is a keeper. We are looking forward to his 1st birthday celebration!! Go Super Mighty Max!! We love ya!!


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