Happy 1st Birthday Maxwell!

10 (thousand) Prayers
9 Doctors1stbdaypic
8 Hospital Overnight Stays
7 Fun and Loving Aunts and Uncles
6 (Six-Ty) doctors appointments
5 Teeth
4 Helpful and Loving Grandparents
3 Surgeries
2 Proud Parents
1 Year Old

Happy 1st Birthday to my stinka man Maxwell!

He is 23 lbs and 28 inch long.
He loves to laugh at mom, dad, Mi Mi, Papa, and TiTi Ashlee, Sandy, and Belinda.
He loves all the kids at daycare and they love their ManMan.
He knows who his mommy is and will let me know when someone messed with him.
He loves to talk and coo.
He doesn’t like the hospital or getting poked by nurses.
He rather sit on someone’s lap and in their arms.
He loves sweet potatoes and apples.
He is working on taking a bottle.
He is working on keeping his head up.
He is working on rolling over.
He loves when someone kisses his chubby cheeks and just smiles.
He is what my husband Brandon and I asked God for and more.

What a year it has been and where do I begin?

This year has by far been the most exciting, joyful, full of love, but at the same time its been sad, depressing, stressful, and made me doubt God.  When Max was born premature the thought never crossed my mind that we would spend this first year of his life in and out of doctors appointments, hospitals, and have home nurse care.  Brandon and I pondered the thought of moving closer to family from Charlotte, but didn’t see that reality come true until a Gastronomy tube (G-tube) was the only option for nourishment.

Where are we now?  We have moved back closer to family in the Hampton Roads, VA area.  My amazing God mom, who owns a daycare, watches him everyday when most daycares do not take children who are g-tube fed.  He has thrived in the environment around those other children and we are so blessed to have family watching him daily.

We contemplated blogging about Max’s therapies, medicines, treatments, and experiences, but didn’t want to burden folks with bad news all the time.  The holy spirit is something else, and I was touched again about sharing this experience even if it helps one other mother, father, family member who has a child with special needs.  This new blog is our way of saying thank you for praying for us, keeping up with our journey, and understanding that life can be “normal” with a special needs child.

Psalms 24:8 Who is this King of glory?  The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.

Special are our children indeed.  With God they are strong and mighty and mighty in battle!

Welcome to Super Mighty Max dot com!  We will post every Tuesday and Friday!

Keep the Faith!


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  1. That’s a beautiful little man you guys have there. His smile is contagious!! Happy First Birthday Max.


  2. What a beautiful little boy! I, too, was reluctant to start a blog about my little girl, who has special needs as well. But God has been faithful, so I decided to share it. I’m new to blogging so it’s nice to see I’m not alone 😉 Blessings!



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