Private Prayer, Now Public

Private Prayer Now PublicNew Blogpost

Last year, when Erica and Maxwell were in the hospital, at times I felt hopeful and hopeless. After losing two children, Erica was now fighting for her life, after a traumatic birth with Maxwell; while at the same time, Maxwell was struggling to acclimate himself to this new experience outside of his mother’s womb. The sad part is, it would be a few days until he would be able to be held by his mother, because she hadn’t woke up yet.

During this ordeal, I felt guilty because my wife had been through enough trauma and pain, now my son and here I am, watching them struggle. To help clear my mind, I wrote a prayer on my phone, and here are my exact words below…

“God I’m sitting in the hospital room, waiting on Erica to wake up. My son is at a totally different hospital. I feel anxious waiting Lord. Part of me feels guilty as well. Why do they have to go through this experience and not me. Erica has had it very rough since we’ve been married. I thought I had it hard- hardly. My prayer and my hope is that both Erica and Maxwell come out of this ideal healthy and normal. I just want to start life with my new family. Please please, do that for me Lord.”

While, it hasn’t been a cakewalk since Maxwell has been home, I thank God for my family!



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  1. Praise be to God. In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.


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