6 ways to Take Care of You!


As a new mom, this year has been daunting, exciting, and an overwhelming journey of taking care of home, husband, and Max.  But as many moms and nurturers do, we tend to neglect ourselves in the process.  This is especially true when you have a child with special health challenges.  My husband Brandon and I, will run to and from, and here and there, all for Max.  Sadly, after the many  hospital visits, doctors appointments, and therapy sessions, we seldom remember to take time out for ourselves. 


Caring for yourself is such a vital and daily commitment to ensuring you are a whole person in mind, body, spirit, and health.  Personally, I’ve missed the mark in all of these areas of my life, being bogged down by the things I do not, can not, and will not have because of Max’s different abilities.  As my husband wrote on Tuesday, we don’t know the outcome and its scary to think that we may have to care for Max into his adult years.  God is ultimately in control of how independent Max will be.  What I can control and we can control is ourselves and our self care.  We have to be whole individuals to care for someone else.  If we neglect ourselves then those we care for will not get the best from us.   Plus, we will lose ourselves in caring for someone else, if we don’t take the time out for ourselves.


We are in the last quarter of the year and the Holidays are just around the corner, and I am challenging you to take time out for you! So how do we care for ourselves? If you aren’t sure on how to do so, below are 6 ways to take care of you, before you can care for someone else.

1. Prayer and Meditation on God’s Word
Prayer is just having a conversation with God.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or even scripted.  A simple prayer would be something like this.

“God, You know what I need.  You know my hurts and concerns.  Please give me the strength to take of me so I can care for my loved one.  Keep my mind, heal my heart, mold me into the person you want me to be.  This is my prayer in Jesus name.  Amen!”

Simple prayer requests to God, can help give you what you need, to take care of you.
2. Regular Dentist/Doctors Appointments
Your health is wealth!  Having regular scheduled doctors and dentist appointments is critical to you being able to care for others.  If you are sick, you can’t take care of someone else who depends on you.  
3. Friends
Self care may be spending time with friends.  I know laughing and ki-ki with my girls gives me life.  I love my girlfriends, even if we don’t talk everday, every month, we still pick back up where we left off. 
4. Hobby/Passion
What is your hobby and passion?  Maybe taking time out to work on crafting, cooking, DIY projects will give you the recharge you need.
5. Exercise
Health is wealth and a large part of that is Exercise!  If you want to lose those extra pounds, or just live a more fit lifestyle, excercising is a key component.  Of course, we all know we need to excercise for heart health, but this is important for our self care as well.
6. Pamper Yourself
If you don’t pamper yourself, how can you care for someone else.  Pampering includes what calms you, whether its shopping, movies, books, getting your nails, toes, or hair done.  Do whatever you like, to make you feel good, and for your cup to be refilled.

Taking care of yourself is the only way you can care for someone else.  Please challenge yourself in the next 3 months to do more Self Care!


Keep the Faith!


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