Oh No, In the Hospital Again……5 Tips for Survival 

So, for the umpteenth time, Maxwell has been admitted into the hospital. There used to be a time that during each hospitalization, I’d let family and friends know, and ask them for prayer. These day’s I don’t, for no specific reason, I just don’t. Nonetheless, being in the hospital frequently has not only added to our bills and experience, but it has also taught a few  lessons along the way. 

Therefore, below are a few tips/reminders for special need families, and those who can find this advice usual for your upcoming hospital stay.

  1.  Prepare accordingly. Since you know that you’ll be in the hospital a few days, pack enough clothes, toiletries, a charger for electronic devices, books, and etc. Trust and believe, it’s a hassle going back and forth to the house to pick up items, and nobody has time for those travel size soaps they give you to wash with. God bless the child that his own. 
  2.  You know your child best. Do not, I repeat do not be afraid to advocate for your child. You know their medicine regiment, how they respond to different drugs, how they like to be held, handled, talked to, and comforted. Yes, they are the medical professionals, but they’re human. Case in point, Super Mighty Max has been offered new drugs and surgeries at different points in life, but there were times when First Lady Erica and I had to refuse because we didn’t think it was in his best interest. You have a voice!
  3.  Say NO! When the midnight technician comes in to do a blood pressure reading and rectal temperature, while he’s sleeping, please say no! 
  4.  Write Down/Type Medical History and Prescriptions. I feel like the doctors and nurses ask the same questions over and over, about his medications and medical history, even though we’ve told them hundreds of time. So, bring out an information sheet with you, so you can just hand it to the medical professionals when they ask questions. 
  5. Utilize your Village. Allow those folk who love and care for you to bring you food, drinks, and give you respite. 

Stay Super, Make Mighty Moves, Be Blessed,


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