All About Super Mighty Max

So, I’m going to try and write the “All about Max” post for my wife, she typically writes it and does an awesome job it. Wish me luck!!

  1. Seizures: As I mentioned in the last post, Maxwell is doing much better with the seizures, and it appears as if the Ketogenic Doet is working wonders for him! In order for it to work successfully, Maxwell has to eat relatively at the same time everyday, and he would need to be very diligent with what touches his body. He has special wipes, soap, lotions, medicine, and etc. There has been a few times when I’ve had to be ingredient detective to make sure this diet can work to its full potential. Thus far, I’m pleased with it, except for his blow-out dirty diapers. 
  2. Daycare: We attempted to start SuperMightyMax back in daycare at the start of the year, and when he came back home, he was very congested and his breathing was noisy. As a result, we took him back out of daycare, so that he can get better and not get sick. In the future, daycare will not be an option, due to the fact we’ll be getting other resources to help him out. 

  3. Medicaid: After applying for social security, disability, Medicaid benefits and being denied, we were finally approved for an EDCS waiver. An EDCD waiver in Virginia automatically makes us eligible for Medicaid. With Medicaid, we now will receive resources to provide respite and personal care, as well as private duty nursing. Unfortunately, because Maxwell has skilled needs, things get kinda of funky when it comes to paying for daycare (another post for another day). Another benefit of Medicaid  is the supplementing of co-pays and hospital bills! PRAISE THE LOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEW!! 

  4. Podcast: Erica and I recorded our first podcast, we’re just editing and will post soon, so be on the lookout for that.

I think that’s it, if not, wifey will make the necessary corrections. 

Stay Super, Make Mighty Moves, Be Blessed ,


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