SuperHeroes, Super Mighty Blessed, and Smiles

Every year– every summer to be exact, there is a theatrical release of a new superhuman, superhero movie, which millions of moviegoers, including myself rush to go see. This year, I’m looking forward to seeing Batman v. Superman, Captain America, and X-Men. They all should prove to be really good movies and more than likely gross hundreds of millions worldwide at the box office. Why? I don’t know, I’m sure everyone has their own reason as to why they go see these movies, knowing that it’s fiction and impossible for a man to fly through the air like Superman, possess the strength of many men like Captain America, or command the weather to do as you please like Storm; but for me, I like the action and soteriological themes that these movies provide. The idea of one man, one woman, or a group of people using their powers to save the world reminds me of Jesus, a true superhero empowered by the divine.

The sad reality is, superheroes are like Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, they don’t exist. However, as my wife and I always try to communicate, ALL people are super, mighty, and blessed in their own unique ways.We ALL possess powers such as skills, talents, gifts, and attributes that set us apart from the world and make us appear to be superheroes, especially when our “powers are on full display. I believe we are endowed with powers such as singing, writing, athleticism, business acumen, public speaking, debating, design, cooking, care giving, making others laugh, and even something as simple as smiling.

Yes, a smile can be a superpower! A good smile is attractive. A smile can brighten up your day! A smile can put you at ease. A smile can get you endorsement deals (Magic Johnson/Cam Newton). A smile is easier to do, than to frown. A great smile is what my son, Super Mighty Max has. If he were to be a superhero, his “power” would be his smile. Max loves to smile! In the hospital her smiles. He wakes up smiling! Goes to bed smiling! He will even smile after a good cry. For a baby that didn’t smile much in his first few months, Super Mighty Max is making up for lost time, by smiling.His smile not only lights up my day, but it does the same for others who see him. His smile inspires people to face the storms of life, with a smile on their faces. Simply stated, Super Mighty Max has a super-smile!!

Today, I invite you to smile!

Stay Super, Make Mighty Moves, Be Blessed,


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