Pregnancy Announcements and April Fools Jokes make you the fool! 

Happy April!  It has been a while since we last blogged consistently.  Between moving, getting settled, getting approved for Medicad, finding home nursing care for Maxwell, and for me working 28/31 days in March.  A break from blogging was definitely needed. We are back ready to continue the discussion of the highs and lows of parenting a special needs and disabled child.  


Today as you may know is April Fools day.   Since Facebooks existence or since photo sharing was allowed, every April Fools day some one on my timeline posts a pregnancy announcement as a joke.  I’ve seen this happen so many countless times over the years, and I used to think nothing of it until I lost my first child.  Trust me I was that naive one who thought getting pregnant was easy and having children was easier.  I didn’t realize until my own experience that pregnancy is indeed a miracle.  It’s double blessings when God breaths life into your child at birth.  You never know what the future holds and joking about being pregnant on April Fools day will make you the fool to those who have experienced loss, infertility, or simply can’t have children due to other issues.  

As I sit here holding Super Mighty Max as I write this I can’t help to be overcome with extreme gratitude. I am holding a miracle and I am forever grateful to God for keeping my rainbow baby.

Don’t be that Fool today! 

Stay Super, Make Mighty Moves, and Be Blessed! 

Until next time,


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