What’s wrong with him? 5 Tips on how to answer this loaded question!

What's Wrong with Him

Two weeks ago during the Cerebral Palsy of Virginia 5K walk/run, I finally felt at home taking Super Mighty Max out in public.  We were amongst other families who got “it”, who understood what it was like having a disabled child to care for life.   They understood the importance of self care, therapy appointments, dealing with seizures, countless doctors visits, mobility and lifting concerns, and we even got to see a Mini Van converted for Wheel Chair use.  Overall they understood what it is like to parent a Special Needs Child and what the road ahead looked like in this parenting journey.

As Super Mighty Max gets bigger I get more aware of how he is perceived by others. The looks and stares as we roll out his stroller/wheel chair.  Eye contact being avoided from parents of typical children.  Then we get the occasional talker who comes up to Super Mighty Max asks him how is he doing, and then turns to me to ask “What’s wrong with him”?  Insert eye roll  Generally no one is meant to harm you by asking this question.  They are just curious, nosey, and maybe generally concerned.  Below are 5 Tips on how to answer this loaded question.

  1. What’s wrong with him?  “Oh nothing is wrong with him, he is just Super Mighty Max”
  2. What’s wrong with him?  “What do you mean?  Are you asking if he has a disability?, If so, Yes”
  3. What’s wrong with him? “He is just a healthy toddler”
  4. What’s wrong with him?  “He doesn’t really like talking to strangers”
  5. What’s wrong with him?  “Nothing is wrong, he was born with a disability, and is loving his life like you and I.

Well I don’t try to always throw shade, but I want to understand the purpose behind the question.  Like I said before not everyone is out to cause harm, but understand that education is needed to those who ask.  Be firm, be polite, and always be blessed!

Stay Super, Make Mighty Moves, and Be Blessed!


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