My Mother’s Day Wish!

We celebrate Mother’s Day in the US on the 2nd Sunday of May and this Sunday, May 8 is my 2nd Mother’s Day as a mom to Super Mighty Max.  Being a mom is the greatest gift that God has blessed me with besides my husband Brandon of course 😀 I have never known how to love someone as God has loved us “unconditionally” until Super Mighty Max came into our world.  Everyday I’m amazed at the miracle that I have the privilege of raising and everyday I learn a lesson it is not about me its all about him.  Super Mighty Max has given me a renewed compassion, vision, purpose, and ministry to help the least of these like him.  Navigating this “Special Needs” and “Disabled” world isn’t for at the faint at heart, but I thank God everyday for renewing my mind on what being a mom truly means.

Mothers day wish

This past Sunday on my drive to church I was reflecting and realized this is my 4th time celebrating being a mom.  My first Mother’s Day was in May 2012 where I was just 3 months pregnant with my first son Brandon Jr.  I can be honest and say that being a mom was the furthest thought in my mind, as I was preoccupied with wedding planning and finalizing details for our honeymoon (our wedding was on May 26, 2012).  I was just scared of what that title meant.  I wanted to be a wife first and master that.  I was afraid I would fail at becoming a mom and wife all in the same year.  That year shook us individually and as a couple as we faced the loss of our son at birth.   I struggled with feeling less than a woman and more than ever a mom because I didn’t have a baby to hold.  Every year after wards my husband always made sure he celebrated me on Mother’s Day.  Even though I didn’t have a child to hold in my arms our angels were always in our hearts.

This year my Mother’s Day wish is for us to celebrate those like me who have experienced pregnancy loss, miscarriage, or simply can’t conceive just yet.  I want you all to know that you are a mother, you will become a mother, and to keep your faith in God to grant you the desires of your heart.  Join me in giving a card, flowers, or a simple Happy Mother’s Day for those moms who have yet to hold a child in their arms and those who children have gone to heaven far too soon.  We honor and celebrate you Mother because like Hannah we know God will grant you the desires of your heart!


Stay Super, Make Mighty Moves, and Be Blessed!


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