Super Mighty Max Nursing Update

So, its been a while since I’ve (dad) last posted on Super Mighty Max, not because I’ve lost interest or ran out of topics to write about, but ever since I’ve started my new job in February, life has gone from 0-60 real quick. Thus, needless to say, its been a combination of not having the energy nor the time to write.

Nonetheless, since then, as you may or may not know, SMM now receives private duty nursing services in the home, and it has been a frustrating and  uncomfortable journey. Thus far, I believe we’ve been through about 3-4 nurses, hoping to find the right one. There was the nurse that invited her boyfriend to the house to bring her lunch, smelled like a smoke stack, and just wasn’t going to work out. Then there was the nurse who was googling me and my church, changing the temperature on the thermostat (as if he paid bills in the house), and making Maxwell’s batch of food completely wrong. Lastly, the nurse we most recently fired, was seen on camera leaving Maxwell unsafely unattended on the couch, changing table, and decided to moisturize his body (scalp and chest) with Maxwell’s coconut oil, fail to switch gloves, but use the same glove to then moisturize my son. No, no, no, no, no. no! What was wrong this dude, what is wrong with some of these nurses in the field of private duty nursing!?

Unfortunately, when we did find a nurse that we liked and truly felt had SMM’s best interest at heart, her father un-expectantly died. As a result, they decided to bury him back home in Kenya, and we haven’t seen or heard from her since May 3rd. So, while private duty nursing has been a blessing to have, it has not been without its heartaches and headaches. As they say in the old-school church vernacular, if you know the words of prayer, then pray our strength in the Lord!

Stay Super, Make Mighty Moves, Be Blessed,


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