Why did God give me a Disabled Child?

Why did God give me a Disabled Child?

I have asked God this question time after time after time for the last 22 months hoping, praying, waiting patiently for an answer.  Simply why?  God says do this, but I do that.  God opens this door, but I don’t go through it.  God keeps on blessing me over and over again, and I think it was me doing a great job all along.  

You see, I have been stubborn, hardheaded, selfish, and ungrateful when attempting to hear from God to answer this question for me.  I didn’t want to listen.  I didn’t want to do or react.  I didn’t want to know the truth.  But every time I get down and/or depressed about the abilities of Super Mighty Max this question comes back to mind. Simply Why? 

But all things work together for the good to those called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28

Yesterday, was different.  As the nurse and I walked Super Mighty Max out of a opthamology appointment I saw what the future could be.  I saw a 16-18 year old boy with Spastic Quad Cerebral Palsy making loud noises.  He was wheel chair bound in hand splints and AFOs and his mom kept yelling for him to shut up.  I was so mad and angry and full of emotion, as I walked out of the doctors office.  I was mad that people were staring at him in disgust, and angry at the fact his mom was telling him to shut up because he was attempting to communicate to her.  I was so full of emotion because as much as we encourage Super Mighty Max’s jibber jabber and his way of communicating this could be him in 14 years.  I simply asked God with open ears as I drove back home, why did you give me disabled child?  This is what he told me. 

He said that every good and perfect gift comes from above.  That Super Mighty Max is a gift and his life is purpose filled.  He gave us Super Mighty Max simply because he loves us.  He wanted to strengthen our faith in him through our loses.  He gave us Super Mighty Max to show us how faithful he is to granting us the desires of our hearts.  There is a blessing in disability and not a hinderance.  That our purpose is to advocate for the least of these and the disabled and show able bodied individuals that disability is not a disease.  He also said there is purpose in Super Mighty Max’s smile that we have yet to see!  

Why did God give you a disabled child?  Because he simply loves you and wants you to know how faithful he is!  
Stay Super, Make Mighty Moves, and Be Blessed! 


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