Disability is Everywhere 

It’s been exactly one year since Super Mighty Max was diagnosed with Spastic Quadrapelgic Cerebral Palsy.  This diagnosis initially devastated us as we grieved that our son may not have a “normal” life and may not crawl, walk, talk, or live the life that we expected him to.   But now a year later I can truly say that disability is everywhere and it’s truly a blessing. 

This past weekend we successfully travelled out of town with Super Mighty Max the first time (we travelled longer than 3 hrs with him) this year, and ventured to DC to visit family.  My father in love was able to get us tickets to the sold out online newly opened Smithsonian National African American Museum of History and Culture #naamhc (the museum is free by the way you just need tickets to get in).  

So, we packed Super Mighty Max up and ventured out to DC to spend a few hours in the museum to show him our history, and to not limit sharing experiences with him.  I snapped (@shareericaworld) the entire experience and it’s below.  

During our time at the museum, I saw other families with kids with disabilities and other adults who were wheelchair bound.  I love my people because they loved on my son like no other.  They came up to him, smiled at him, held his hand, talked to him, asked about him and his age, and made me feel proud as his mom.  They made me feel like Super Mighty Max’s disability is a blessing, that his little light just was shining bright, and his smile was ministering to others.  He truly enjoyed being strolled around the museum and seeing the lights, music, and sound of people. 

The NAAMHC is a must see in DC, I would recommend going during the week to avoid long lines and not being able to freely walk and see exhibits.  Overall a positive experience for our family and up next on the family agenda is Disney on Ice! 

Disability is everywhere around us and it definitely is a blessing no matter the ability of the individual!  

Stay Super, Make Mighty Moves, and Be Blessed! 


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  1. Wow I really enjoyed the presentation. Seem like an interesting event. I would love to visit the Museum. Happy for Your experience and Super Mighty max is the Bomb!!!


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