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Developmental Milestones and 3 Reasons Why They Don’t Matter!


Now that Max is 1 year old (14 months to be exact) I constantly receive the same developmental questions from acquaintances, friends, and even some family members who may or may not know that Max had a brain injury at birth.  His brain injury has lead to a cerebral palsy diagnosis which effects and delays his gross and fine motor skills for all four limbs of his body.  They ask questions like “is he crawling?” Or “is he walking” or “how is his appetite?” Or even “is he saying mom, dad, yes or no?”  I always answer back stating what he does rather than focusing on what he doesn’t do, but can’t help to think why do these developmental milestones matter?  Will he not be a child because he does not do these things?  Would I love him less because he is not saying mama?  What if there’s not just one path? What if there’s not just one set of milestones? There are many, many paths on the road to adulthood, and Max is taking the road less traveled. It’s a road with bumpier, less familiar milestones, but it’s still a road.

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3 Ways to Prepare for RSV and Flu Season – Special Needs Edition


RSV, Cold, and Flu season is here, it begins around October and goes through May.  Flu shot vaccine helps prevent spreading of the flu virus.  There are many reasons why people you should go out and get the flu shot, but if you have a special needs child getting a flu shot is critical to their health.  Max received his flu shot once they became available, and we all (my family) plan to receive one for Max’s health.  Please go out and get your flu shot to prevent the flu illness.

Respiratory Syncytical Virus (RSV) is a common cold in most, but in premature babies it can be fatal if not treated properly.

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