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Happy Holidays from Super Mighty Max and Family

Merry 2015 CHRISTmas from The McAfee Family





I Hope You’re Right, but What if You’re ALL Wrong…….


Ever since Super Mighty Max was born, and we were made aware of his health challenges, 99.9% of people have all said the same thing or some variation. Such as……

“Don’t worry, he’s going to be okay!”

“Just wait, he’s going to be a miracle baby”

“You know, my cousin’s Auntie, nephew baby was born like that, and they’re fine now, your baby will be okay”

“Just speak life into him”

“We’re going to keep him prayer, he’s going to be okay!”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in faith, hope, healing, positive thinking, miracles, and being encouraged! Quite honestly, if people felt that they HAD TO SAY SOMETHING, I’d rather hear a positive word of encouragement, than something pessimistic. However, sometimes, we don’t have to say anything, a lot of times just listening is enough. Just being present is enough.

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